Unstoppable Wellbeing Academy

Are you ready to start your transformation journey THIS YEAR?

Welcome to the realm of High Achievers Coaching, where success meets well-being! If you are a high performer or a person striving for success, aiming to sculpt the best version of yourself and unlock untapped potential, you have found your sanctuary.

I am Mia, your Wellbeing Sherpa and the visionary behind High Achievers Coaching. With four decades of empowering people wanting success, I understand the unique challenges you face in sustaining peak performance and a rocking body year-round.

As a leader or a success-seeker, you excel at setting and achieving ambitious life goals. Yet, the health and fitness ball often gets dropped, leaving you feeling sluggish, low on energy, and grappling with confidence, mindset, and productivity. Despite dabbling in fad diets and lackluster workout plans, the lasting transformation remains elusive.

Enter the Unstoppable Wellbeing Academy, your haven for transcending struggles, boosting energy, and unveiling the best version of yourself. We have curated a tailored membership addressing the distinct challenges faced by those on the path to success.

Inside awaits your personalized blueprint, intricately designed to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. It is your roadmap from your current state to the pinnacle of health, mindset, fitness, and overall wellbeing.

Say farewell to workout stress, nutritional dilemmas, wavering commitment and self-sabotage. We have dismantled the guesswork, leaving you with a clear path to elevate every facet of your life.

If you are ready to transform in 2024 and become the ultimate version of yourself, take one of the steps below, and let the excitement of your transformation journey begin!

This Academy membership is right for you if:

You are not rocking the feel-good, look-good, and perform-like-a-champ vibes anymore.

You are on that rollercoaster of trying it all and juggling fitness, nutrition, and mindset amidst life’s hustle. Keeping the consistency flame alive can feel like herding cats in a hurricane.

The health alarm bells are ringing. It is time to plot a new course. Feeling the need for a seismic shift but unsure where to plant that first flag?

These are some of the roadblocks our successful clients said, before they started with us……

  • I have tried it all before and nothing works for me
  • I am too busy with work or my business
  • I have a hectic social life
  • I struggle with sticking to a plan
  • I start something and then stop after a few weeks. I need to change!
  • I do not like restrictive diets
  • I just do not have the time, but know that looking after my health is important
  • I am so lacking in energy. I can not go on like this. Help!
  • I am either sabotaged by my own mindset or by others leading me astray
  • I am too old
  • I am vegan
  • I have a family and young kids
  • I am not keen about it being online
  • I have a health condition
  • I have an injury

Enter the realm of the Unstoppable Wellbeing Academy, the unparalleled mind-body-soul transformation experience crafted for high-achievers like yourself. This cutting-edge membership is not just a fitness journey; it is your ticket to exuding confidence and boundless energy, being healthier and propelling you to conquer both personal and professional peaks with gusto!

Here is how we help you …..

Embark on your Unstoppable Wellbeing Academy journey,

where your membership transformation is meticulously tailored to be adaptable,

enduring, and, most importantly, results-driven.

Dive in wholeheartedly and witness the incredible metamorphosis of your life!


Discover the secrets to maintaining your stride even amidst a calendar flooded with meetings, social events, and travel plans. Harness the power of our revolutionary academy and app, meticulously crafted to keep you on course and accountable every day. Embrace our comprehensive approach to keep your mind razor-sharp and unwavering, ensuring continuous progress even during the most stressful periods

Expert Coaches

Acquire the support necessary to construct a tailored structure, strategy, and system that seamlessly aligns with your lifestyle. Bid farewell to derailments with unwavering support and accountability from your dedicated coach. When life throws curveballs and plans shift, our coaches are swift to adapt everything to ensure you stay on course without missing a beat

Member Access

3 months minimum access to the Unstoppable Wellbeing Academy. Rolling membership thereafter, to ensure your success. Lets be realistic. It is going to take more than 3 months to change ingrained habits and transform yourself.

Onboarding Session

Kick off your time in the Academy with a 30 minutes 121 zoom session or phone call with Mia Arrowsmith, The Wellbeing Sherpa. Set out your intentions and Personal Masterplan for your time in the Unstoppable Wellbeing Academy

Coaching Sessions

Weekly group coaching/ mentoring/learning sessions, to reinforce what you are learning in the modules, as well as pick up further tips. Attending these will help to challenge and overcome a fixed mindset, as you learn from not only the coach, but also other members in the Academy

121 Coaching Sessions

121 zoom session once a month, for the first three months, to get you over the initial hurdle, when your mindset wants you to give up. Well, I am there, believing in you. Believing that you can. During that session, we can talk about anything that you have not wanted to talk about during group coaching or in the community. Its your session!

Habit + Mindset Coaching

So that you can overcome sabotaging behaviours, learned behaviour and ingrained habits. We will unpick and re-write your thinkings and actions, so that you step into a new, healthier and more confident you

Exercise + Nutrition Coaching

This includes tips and techniques to aid your training. Nutrition and meal plan coaching and meal plan ideas, so that you are fuelled for optimal performance in work and life. A new general meal plan is released every month, for when you do not want to work it out yourself, along with recipes and shopping list. (Also see Academy App below)

Life + Wellbeing Coaching

Ensure that you have self-care strategies as a tool box to use, regardless of what is going on in your life. So that everyday you feel in control and you get the work/life balance just right, for vitality and long life

Fitness Sessions

Live and on-demand sessions, so that you can train at the time of day that is right for you. No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to access the workouts. A new workout timetable will be released every month with 5 times a week sessions, including 3 weeks of more intense sessions and 1 week of recover sessions, so that you do not overtrain. Classes include aerobics, balls, bands, bodyweight, boxing, cardio, circuit, core, dance, dumbbells, fat-burning, HIIT, kettlebell, kick, pilates, strength, stretching, toning, yoga, and much more


Trackers to log your progress, with habits, training and nutrition achievements. New habits will be built up over time, to overwrite sabotaging habits

Focus Month

Takes place every month, to give you an extra motivational boost, incase you are starting to flag. Eg “January Habit Transformation” “February Kickstart the Year”, “Spring into Beach Body”, “Summer Sizzler”, “Back to Consistency” and “Survive December”

Self-Paced Learning

Optional modules on drip, so that you do not get overwhelmed and have time to internalise the learning for greater success. Includes short videos, action points, worksheets, downloadable pdfs, resources, examples, ideas, links to in Academy relevant posts, support from other members


Be part of a community of like-minded people who are focusing on similar health, fitness, mindset and wellbeing goals. A place to ask questions and share ideas, to receive practical help from members of the Academy, and to also celebrate successes

Accountability Posts

Weekly posts in the Academy that help to keep you accountable, for encouragement and also for support. Posts include “Monday 3 Things Focus” post, “Meal Plan Review” post and “Friday Wins” post


A leaderboard for fun. Engage with the community and win prizes

Academy App supported by Trainerize, where you will find your

  • Fitness Class Workout Sessions: Live and On-Demand
  • Training plans: so that you do not have to work out what training you need to, tailored for your experience and not requiring equipment, if you do not have any.
  • Individual exercise videos: so that you do not get stuck
  • Nutrition habits and habit tracking: so that you progress and develop as an individual
  • Workout and meal tracking: so that we can see what works for you
  • View calories, macros, weight and track meals: to gain greater awareness
  • Badges when achieve milestones progress tracking: to celebrate your wins
  • Ongoing photos and body measurements: to see the difference between when you start and as you progress




But wait! There is more!


  • “HABIT TRANSFORMATION” online learn at your own pace course consisting of 11 modules
  • Worksheets to reinforce your learning
  • Helpful Resources to further develop you into a new person

Sign up today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier, and more successful you. Together, we will overcome obstacles, celebrate victories, and create a community of high achievers and those on the road to success, supporting each other on their remarkable journeys


In over 30 years, I have gained numerous qualifications, extensive knowledge and vast experience, including managing a gym of over 6,500 members for a national gym chain, motivational and wellbeing speaker, course programme lead and writer, public sector health trainer, personal trainer and studio class instructor.

I have worked with a variety of people, coaching at company level to sole traders, from those with lacking in mental strength, fitness and good nutrition ….. to world champion sportspeople.

The variety of businesses I have worked for include Blenheim Palace Triathlon, GB Ultras, HM Prison Service, Inflatable UK, Ironman Triathlon UK & Europe, Limelight Sports, Manchester Marathon, Musclefood, Spartan, UTMB and Xercise4Less.

Additionally, I have been a company secretary and director for a merchandising and retail company, gaining the UK merchandise licence and fitness video contract, for a globally recognised television programme.

My passion is the power of mindset and the importance of looking after ones own health. I am a vegan ultra runner and an all-round lover of well-being, fitness and sport.

In my life, I endeavour to help others to live a balance life – mind, body and soul: to find the right balance between eating healthy, whilst having the odd treat. And to find the right exercise activity that suits their personality and lifestyle. And I believe that the mind is the linchpin to it all!